Gen Z’s Impact on the Health Food Industry

Gen Z, which comprises ages 16 to 24, is beginning to flex its muscles on its impact in the fast-casual marketplace.

The pandemic brought an increased focus on overall wellness, with Gen Z attracted to fast causal concepts that align with their principles.

With healthy options, convenience and customization at the forefront of their decision-making, we at Beyond pride ourselves on being on top of consumer trends delivering a fresh, diverse menu with tech-focused ordering available.


Fresh, Healthy Food that Tastes Beyond Good

Just because this generation wants a quick meal, doesn’t mean they want to forget about nutrition. Gen Z has become more health-conscious compared to other generations, demanding better quality and more transparency from fast causal concepts.

At Beyond, our dedication to offering the freshest ingredients, and consistent efforts to innovate menu items, results in a delicious, robust menu. Our ingredients are clean and easy to understand, with a strong focus on quantity and taste.

Innovation is at the heart of Beyond; it’s how we keep up with everchanging food trends. As experts in anticipating our guests’ needs, we create new seasonal menu items to attract new customers and keep existing ones engaged. Our two most recent menu additions, the Açai Dream Bowl and Boba Blue Bowl, have both been extremely successful right out of the gate.


Customizable Menu

With so many lifestyle diets and intolerances, allowing guests to customize existing menu items makes sure there is something at Beyond for everyone.

Since our menu is made to order with whole ingredients, we have the ability to customize any item to fit a variety of special dietary needs. Add a scoop of protein to a smoothie, or omit peanut butter, or create your own unique salads, wraps, smoothies or raw juices.

Ready to join the health food movement? Get started by inquiring about our franchise opportunities!