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Mijo Alanis and Pam Vivio, husband-and-wife duo, opened Beyond Juicery + Eatery in 2005 after recognizing a gap for healthy food options in the Michigan market.  With entrepreneurship in their blood, the couple set out to change the health food industry by “doing what others won’t”. We sat down with Mijo and Pam to learn more about their path to entrepreneurship and how Beyond Juicery + Eatery came to be.

What led you both down the path of starting your own business?

Mijo: “Growing up, I would dream of ways I could fill in the gaps of what others needed around me. I was always thinking about how I could bring something new to the table. When I met Pam and learned about her family’s history in the restaurant industry, it was that much more apparent to me that I wanted to start my own business and that I wanted to start it with her.”

What was the Aha Moment that led to the idea for your current company?

Mijo: “Working at the restaurant, I would look in the bus bins and see people throw away French fries and burger buns, and I tried to figure out what they weren’t happy with. It stuck out to me that more people asked to substitute fries for a side salad or cottage cheese. That’s when I said to myself, this is something that we could change.”

Pam: “We knew people wanted healthier food options, but I think for me, the ‘aha moment’ was when Mijo and I climbed Camelback Mountain in Arizona. We were hiking up the mountain and watching people pass us with these smoothies over and over again. That’s when we solidified what exactly we wanted Beyond Juicery + Eatery to look like.”

What do you think makes your company stand out?

Pam: “I think that what sets us apart is our commitment to our customers. Throughout COVID, we looked for new ways that our business could serve the needs of the community. We created food kits that families could come in to pick up and then build themselves at home, and we’ve sold over 9,000 boxes so far. It’s the little things that make a big difference to people and can make a big difference for your business.”

Which tips would you recommend to help other businesses create a positive work culture ?

Pam: “Our employees truly believe in our brand. Sometimes in meetings, we sit back and watch them get fired-up about new ideas and growth for our business. It’s quite amazing.”

How do you get through the tough times in business ownership?

Pam: “We worked through it. I think that the lows of entrepreneurship push you to work even harder to make it happen. If you aren’t willing to put everything on the line for your business, then you aren’t willing to put in the work necessary to make it succeed. During COVID, we went through some hard times. Then, we pushed through. We adapted, and we were able to come out the other side looking to more than double our franchise stores from last year. I think it’s a testament to the hard work and persistence that we possess as entrepreneurs.  A true entrepreneur will find a way to get to the other side of an obstacle no matter what.”

What’s the best piece of advice you received, or one you choose not to follow?

Mijo: “I live by the philosophy: do what others won’t and soon you’ll do what others can’t. I think that people always told us things like ‘the rent is too high there,’ or ‘no one wants to buy a smoothie for four dollars.’ The times when we went against the advice of other people were the times we’ve hit some of our biggest highs.”