The Importance of Connecting With Your



Whether it’s taking care of employees or supporting local businesses, we believe that helping the community matters. 

Here at Beyond Juicery + Eatery, a passion for the community is at our core. Simply put, we’re people who care about people and we strive to do what others won’t. In an effort to help our community during the pandemic, our team came up with creative solutions to help others. Now, over one year into the Pandemic, we’re reflecting on how our efforts went above and beyond for our franchisees, customers and community. Here are the five major actions we took to support our communities during the initial shutdowns.

  1. Take Care of The Team 

During the Pandemic, we did whatever we could to take care of our Beyond Family. At the beginning of the shutdown, we made it a priority to speak with our employees and franchisees daily to determine how we could help and be supportive. We took a bold step and guaranteed pay for the first month of the Pandemic, revisiting the topic every week throughout. We were absolutely determined to keep our Beyond Family intact. 

  1. Help Other Small Businesses

 Restaurants were hit the hardest by the pandemic, with many unable to open their doors, so we decided to take action and support other restaurants in our communities. Amid the Pandemic, We launched Detroit Food Updates, a website dedicated to maintaining an updated list of the ordering capabilities at a variety of Metro Detroit eateries. In a time where we weren’t able to gather with people outside of our homes, we enjoyed helping people stay connected with their favorite restaurants through our site.

  1. Thank Health Care Workers

 We believe it’s especially important to show our appreciation for all of the healthcare heroes that kept us safe. During the Pandemic, to show our gratitude, we donated nearly 10,000 bottles of our “I Need a Hero®” Juice to nearby hospitals, which was specially formulated with apple, ginger and turmeric to help boost immune system function. For a period of time during the Pandemic, we also committed to donating a case of “I Need a Hero®” Juice for every case we sold.

  1. Create At-Home Experiences

 While people couldn’t enjoy nights out, we got creative and brought Beyond Juicery + Eatery into people’s homes! We streamlined the production of a variety of food kits for some in-home fun, including charcuterie kits, holiday boxes, grocery essential kits and so much more. To date, we have sold more than 9,000 boxes, always with the mission to source ingredients from local vendors, helping them stay in business during the Pandemic as well. 

  1. Repurpose Facilities

While we couldn’t allow indoor dining, we made a bold decision to temporarily convert some of our stores into “grocery stores.” Our guests trusted us to provide them with essentials that were sometimes hard to access, including fresh fruits, vegetables and even toilet paper! We were proud to be a trusted source for essential items at a time where people were afraid to walk into their local grocery stores.

Needless to say, we are beyond grateful to our franchisees that helped make a difference within our communities during the pandemic and we’re excited to see what the future holds! 

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